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Bars, Tables, service stations, and more . . . 

all custom designed and built to suit your vision and needs.


The Bar

“The bar is to the bottle as the picture frame is to the painting.”


The heart and soul of any establishment is the bar. It's where people come to meet and talk, have a meal, or just a quick drink. Not only is it the hub of social activity, but also an especially important source of revenue. To the customer, the bar is the place to see and be seen... for your establishment, it's about vitality and sustainability


Functionality and visual appeal, these are the bars designed and built by Bold Wood Interiors, the result of years spent studying, from both sides of the counter.


Bold Wood Interiors restaurant fixtures and cabinetry are designed and fabricated to endure the rigors of everyday restaurant life. They are built to be well used, day in, day out, for years to come.


Whether the client knows exactly what they want, or hardly knows where to begin; our design team can offer innovative ideas cultivated by our years of experience. We’re happy to work within the vision of a designer or architect, and, if the project warrants, we can provide our skilled input directly, to help solve any challenge to the space in the most attractive way.  We also understand there is a budget to maintain, within which we can create a beautiful and functional space, whatever the level required.



Once the concept and budget has been agreed upon, our designers go to work to develop a detailed plan for your approval. We don’t rely on hand sketches and faith, we use CAD/CAM software to generate detailed drawings to both show you our intent and to communicate fabrication instructions to our shop. Then, we present the relevant material and stain samples for your approval. Every step of the fabrication process is given the utmost attention and allowance for input from our client.  We are also extremely comfortable working with the various trades that make up a given project; we find that careful coordination across the project is key to a successful result


Once the drawings are approved, we turn it over to our engineering team and cabinet makers who brings to bear our well-balanced mix of technology and hand crafting. All the while, under the direct and careful management of the owner himself.



Each piece has been completely preassembled before it leaves our factory, so, once we arrive for the delivery and installation, there is as little disruption to your business as possible. Factory-trained installers move, swiftly and carefully, to see the project through until you the customer is 100% satisfied.



While we are as careful as possible, in the end, construction is a fluid process and sometimes, something is off. What sets us apart from the competition is our willingness to go above and beyond to correct any issues that may arise. Our job is to make your project as seamless as possible. We pride ourselves in making our customers happy. 

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